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Spirit Offerings and Care

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This post is dedicated to educating you on how to regularly give offerings and gifts to your spirit companions. Some spirits need such attention in order to best serve you. Other more low maintenance spirits may not need the care, but will appreciate it nonetheless! These instructions apply directly to our Spirit Offering and Care Kits. Ingredients and rituals listed below will not apply to all kits. Different kit types will include different ingredients and involve different rituals. Apply as needed. 

Dedicate a space! You do not have to create a full scale alter in order to provide offerings to your spirits, but you do need a space that can be set aside while the process is ongoing. A small section of a table or shelf works just fine. If you are unable or do not wish to burn incense or candles indoors, make your dedicated space at an outdoor location. Always be safe and never do something that makes you uncomfortable! A dedicated space is not permanent. Once you have completed the offerings or rituals you wished for, simply use the space for any reason as you normally would. When you wish to make offerings again, simply dedicate a space again.

Full Moon Water - An absolute essential, full moon water is used primarily for consecration and cleansing of stones, crystals, and spirit vessels. Place a few drops on spirit vessels and ritual stones in the presence of fire or candle light treated with anointing oil before any other rituals in order to cleanse them of negative energy. NEVER EXPOSE FULL MOON WATER TO SUNLIGHT!

Anointing Oil - There is no easier way to add metaphysical properties to an ingredient or tool than with the use of anointing oil. Applying it is usually as easy as placing a drop on top of an item, or dipping a finger and rubbing it on an item. For example, a drop of anointing oil can be placed on a common tea light candle to give it properties that will aid in cleansing and consecration rituals, such as Full Moon Water cleansing as noted above. 

Incense - A staple in spirit offerings, incense has been a way to show your gratitude for as long as men have kept spirits. Your Spirit Care Kit will include incense specifically tailored to the type of spirit your kit is designed for.

Herbs - Depending on the type of spirit, various types of herb(s) may be used as an acceptable and desirable gift. 

Crystals and Stones - It has been long known that natural crystals and gemstones possess inherent beneficial energies. Just as they are useful to humans, these energies are desirable and sought after by many types of spirits. Providing them is great way to get in the good graces of your spirit companion!

Dedicating a Space - A most important part of any offering to your spirit is to do so in a proper setting. This includes a space dedicated to such tasks. At White Fox Coven we have several altars dedicated to such rituals. I understand that you may not be able to setup a permanent altar for a variety of reasons, but you can still easily dedicate a space to spirit care. Cleanliness is key! Once you determine a suitable space, be it a section of shelf, table, desk, floor, etc, clean the area properly as you would for any guest. You should then separate the space in some way. I like to use a sheet to distinguish the surface from its surroundings. You can use a purity cloth, sheet, towel, piece of paper or cardboard, make barriers with sticks - anything! Just be sure to make sure it's clearly its own space. Once that is done you should tell the specific spirit(s) you wish to care for at that space that it is safe for them. There are no special magic words. In fact, you don't even have to say so out loud if you don't wish. Directing thoughts to them works just fine. Just let them know your intent and that the dedicated space is safe for them. That's it!

Cleansing and Consecration Ritual - This ritual is used to cleanse spirit vessels, crystals, stones, or any other item which would benefit from negative energy removal. 

Ingredients needed: tea light candle or natural wood fire, Full Moon Water, anointing oil (optional)

This ritual should take place at night in the presence of natural firelight (logs in a fireplace). If you are unable to provide that, an anointed candle can be used as a substitute. Simply place a drop or two of anointing oil into a tea light candle and light the wick!

Once suitable light is provided, the rest is as easy as dropping Full Moon Water onto any item you wish to cleanse (a drop or two is fine). Be sure to allow the item to dry completely in the presence of the light source. Don't remove until it's completely dry! Always remember to store your Full Moon Water in a safe dark place - sunlight should be avoided!

Herb Offerings - Herbs should be offered either naturally dried or fresh. When offered, simply place them on the alter or dedicated space. If in the form of a branch or twig, it should be bent or snapped before offering. If in leaf form, the leaves should be smushed or crumbled before offering. This shows that you are sacrificing the herbs to the spirit and do not plan to use them again. Do NOT use herbs that have been offered to a spirit for other purposes as it may offend them. When you replace or remove them, simply discard them. 

Consumable Offerings - Many types of spirits appreciate offerings of various consumable goods. This may include coffee, tea, grains, rice, etc. Presenting the offering is as easy as placing a small amount on a dish or saucer and leaving it on the alter or dedicated space. Before offering, the good should be garnished with saltpeter. This is a white powder used as a preservative since the middle ages and shows that you are willing to extra effort required to ensure the offering will last until the spirit desires it. In most cases your spirit will not physically consume this or any other offering - it is the act of sacrifice which is appreciated. DO NOT use consumable offerings for any other purpose after offering to a spirit as it may offend them. Simply discard them when replaced or removed. 

Incense Offerings - Incense offerings are as simple as burning a preferable scent of incense near the spirit vessel or dedicated space.

Remember that there is no set time or frequency for any particular ritual. Every spirit has its own set of needs and its own personality, and some will require more frequent care than others. Use your best judgement!