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Reaper Spirit - Balance and Order - Protection from Chaos and Disarray


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Yes, if you don't know any better we realize that the idea of adopting a reaper can seem pretty ridiculous. After all, when we hear "reaper" we think of the grim reaper who comes to take us from the living! What most don't realize is that a reaper is not a dark entity (even though it's listed in that section of our website). In fact, they are completely neutral. They are not good or evil. They are neither male nor female. A reaper's purpose is to maintain balance and order. Only a small part of that is taking life.

This reaper spirit only navigates the spiritual realm, and so it does not possess the ability to give or take life on our planet's physical realm. It does, however, possess the ability to keep balance and maintain a neutral setting in its immediate area. This allows for your other spirit companions to exist without disorder. Think of the reaper as a "sheriff" of sorts. If a malicious unbound entity were to move in and begin wreaking havoc on your bound spirits, for example, a reaper is more than capable of "taking care of it". You do not have to worry about losing control of a hard to handle spirit. If you're a spirit keeper or are concerned with maintaining a neutral balance of spiritual energy around you, you would be well served to keep a reaper in your fold! 

Keeping instructions will be shared with its new keeper. Reapers are nameless.

You may choose direct binding or a beautiful natural gemstone spirit stone vessel.

This spirit is classless and completely benign. 


CLASS A spirits are the easiest to care for and bond to. They are generally very friendly and eager to please. They are free willed but prefer to have a guardian. Great for beginners.

CLASS B spirits are mostly friendly and usually active. Some are a little more shy than others and can sometimes act rebelliously. In rare cases, class B spirits can become unruly in the hands of inexperienced keepers. 

CLASS C spirits have a tendency to be more free willed and act out if they feel neglected. Sometimes thought of as "needy", they are likely to be mischievous when they do not receive attention and care at the level they require. Quite powerful, they are not recommended for beginners.

CLASS D spirits are among the most powerful in all of existence. These are rare and can be dangerous if left in the care of an inexperienced keeper. Though their power can be wielded as a supreme tool in their guardian's hands, it can be too much for even some experienced keepers. Only expert level keepers may handle class D spirits. 

I am very happy that your life's path has led you to me. I am Lady Dee, a spellcaster, clairvoyant, spiritual adviser, wife, and mother. I aim to aid those that seek my help not only as a professional, but as a friend.

White Fox Coven was founded by Lady Marilyn Davila over 30 years ago, and while she has passed on to the other side, I strive to continue the tradition of quality spiritual aid at a fair price. I hope that we are able to make a difference in your life and help with whatever life throws your way.

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