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Spirit Trap Stone - Capture Unbound Spirits - Rid Your Home of Malevolent Beings

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Unbound spirits are all around us, often without us knowing! This can be a good or bad thing depending on the spirit. Malevolent and evil spirits can cause damage to our aura, interfere with relationships, affect our mood, and even cause depression. Personally, I like having the option to choose how I deal with unbound spirits in and around my home, and for that I use Spirit Trap Stones.

Spirit Trap Stones are natural gemstone vessels enchanted with magic which turns them into a capture vessel for unbound spirits. Keep one or more in your home and prevent malevolent and harmful entities from freely wandering and invading your space. You can even catch friendly spirits! When one is caught, you can determine whether or not the spirit is harmful, benign, or friendly. From there, you get to choose whether to set it free, destroy it, or add it to your spirit family! It puts you in control. Keep Spirit Trap Stones anywhere you spend a lot of time!


Your Spirit Trap Stone will arrive already enchanted with special magic making it ready for immediate use. Simply leave it anywhere you believe unbound spirits may roam or interfere with you. Spirits that pass close by will be bound to the stone. This does not harm the spirit in any way, it simply traps them! Entrapment can be determined by holding the stone and meditating. Depending on your level of metaphysical capability, this may be more difficult for some than others. It's best to trust your intuition. If you feel a presence, you've trapped a spirit!

The next step is to determine what type of spirit you have captured. For this, you'll need a pen and paper. Keep the stone as close to your head as possible for three nights of sleep. When you awaken, immediately write down your thoughts, any being that may have come to you in a dream, positive or negative feelings, etc. If at any time during those three nights you suffer nightmares or negative thoughts, you have trapped a malevolent and harmful spirit! If you have been noting positive, helpful, and kind presences and thoughts you have captured a friendly and benificial spirit! If there is nothing of note for three nights it's likely either the spirit you trapped is benign or perhaps there was never one trapped at all. 

Instructions on how to destroy malevolent spirits, free benign and friendly spirits, or even transfer friendlies to another vessel will be sent with your Spirit Trap Stone!


This stone will not interfere with your bound spirits, spirit vessels, or other spellwork and catches ONLY unbound spirits. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to variations in natural gemstones, each piece will feature its own unique colorations. Rest assured that your Spirit Trap Stone will be just as beautiful as the one pictured!

It is shipped in a cloaking cloth to ensure that nobody discovers it on it's journey to you, as they would surely wish to keep it as their own! I ship worldwide!

I am very happy that your life's path has led you to me. I am Lady Dee, a spellcaster, clairvoyant, spiritual advisor, wife, and mother. I aim to aid those that seek my help not only as a professional, but as a friend.

White Fox Coven was founded by Lady Marilyn Davila over 30 years ago, and while she has passed on to the other side, I strive to continue the tradition of quality spiritual aid at a fair price. I hope that we are able to make a difference in your life and help with whatever life throws your way.

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  1. So helpful. I am trapping spirits almost daily 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 26th 2016

    I was very concerned about some unbound spirits I sensed around me at home so I looked for a way to deal with them. Found this and had previous good experiences with white fox so I thought why not try. Good thing I did. Turns out the spirits I was worried about weren't any threat, but being able to trap them and make sure was very comforting. I released them since they weren't causing harm and am now experimenting with leaving this stone in other places to see what I can catch. It's really fun!

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Out of stock - please message for custom order!
Out of stock - please message for custom order!

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